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Performance monitor: TGT Plan sms with remarks: 8th May 2012
Remarks: CE 5100 and PE 5100 both touched the targets. CE5100 returned and hit SL. PE 5100 went well above targets. #nifty #options #noiti

Message:[NOITI][INFO]CE 5200:Resistance: 82,95;Support:46,33#CE 5100:Resistance:129,143;Support:94,80#PE 5200:Resistance:157,171;Support:120,107#PE 5100:Resistance:106,119;Support:70,57#
Date Time:5/8/2012 9:27
Message:[NOITI][TGT]Buy CE 5100 below 90 target 95/97/100 SL 85.
Date Time:5/8/2012 10:24
Message:[NOITI][TGT]Raise CE 5100 SL to 87.
Date Time:5/8/2012 10:36
Message:[NOITI][TGT]Raise SL to 92.
Date Time:5/8/2012 10:40
Message:[NOITI][TGT]Buy PE 5100 at 106 TGT 112/115 SL 102.
Date Time:5/8/2012 10:45
Message:[NOITI][TGT]CE5100 Targets reached close positions.
Date Time:5/8/2012 11:22
Message:[NOITI][INFO]CE5100 has support at 100-99.
Date Time:5/8/2012 11:30
Message:[NOITI][TGT]Buy PE 5100 at 91 TGT 97/100/105 SL 82.
Date Time:5/8/2012 11:42
Message:[NOITI][]CE 5100 support 100, resistance 112. PE5100 support 85, resistance 96.
Date Time:5/8/2012 11:50
Message:[NOITI][TGT]PE5100 book profits or partial profits.
Date Time:5/8/2012 11:52
Message:[NOITI][TGT]Buy PE 5100 below 103 TGT 110/115/119 SL 95.
Date Time:5/8/2012 12:03
Message:[NOITI][TGT]PE5100 book profits / partial profits.
Date Time:5/8/2012 12:11
Message:[NOITI][TGT]PE5100 book profits / partial profits above 112.
Date Time:5/8/2012 12:11

Performance monitor: TGT Plan sms with remarks: 7th May 2012
Remarks: CE call profit was booked very early. End session was unsure mode and so reentry was not provided. PE call triggered SL. #nifty #options #noiti

Message:[NOITI][INFO]Support levels: PE5000-46, PE5100-75, PE5200-117, PE5300-173 ; Resistance levels: CE5000-224, CE5100-154, CE5200-112, CE5300-56.
Date Time:5/7/2012 9:14
Message:[NOITI][INFO] PE5000 at lower price is good entry for buy.
Date Time:5/7/2012 10:12
Message:[NOITI][TGT] Buy CE5100 above 78.5 TGT 83 SL 72.5.
Date Time:5/7/2012 10:30
Message:[NOITI][TGT] CE5100 has support at 72.75. If open position then place SL at 72.75.
Date Time:5/7/2012 10:42
Message:[NOITI][TGT] CE5100 SL triggered please exit position.
Date Time:5/7/2012 11:03
Message:[NOITI][TGT]Buy CE5100 BETWEEN 73-71 TGT 78/80/83 SL 66.
Date Time:5/7/2012 11:17
Message:[NOITI][TGT] Book profits in CE5100.
Date Time:5/7/2012 13:23
Message:[NOITI][TGT] Buy PE5000 TGT 105 SL 83.
Date Time:5/7/2012 13:25
Message:[NOITI][TGT] Buy PE5000 BELOW 96 TGT 105 SL 83.
Date Time:5/7/2012 13:28
Message:[NOITI][TGT] Buy PE4900 AT 62 TGT 66/72 SL 54.
Date Time:5/7/2012 13:40

Through Noiti service, you get info sms or/and trading opportunity advise sms.
If you have subscribed to info plan, then you get info sms during session. This is like a running commentary.
If you have subscribed to TGT plan, then you get sms informing which is the target for different options and different strike prices. For regular TGT plan, 2-3 strike prices are covered. Besides target and stop loss information, you also get periodic commentary during market hours.

If you are a regular trader, you know how to include these messages into your trading style. If you are first time options trader or novice trader and subscribed for TGT plan then,
1. You should first find out what is the brokerage you have to pay if you buy 2 or more lots. This information helps in identifying your profit margin.
2. On receiving sms with target and stop loss prices identify what could be your profit margin. If you find that the profit margin is desirable, then enter the trade at the price mentioned in the sms and then place a stop loss.
3. When you receive message to raise or lower the stop loss, then raise or lower stop loss as given in the message.
4. When you get message to book partial profits, then sell 50 % of your volume and maintain remaining 50% as a stop loss.
5. When you get message to book profits or to exit, sell all your open volume.

You have subscribed for a service that gives you running commentary of the support and resistance levels. If you feel that you should exit any trade at any point of time, then exit. By doing so, you respect your inner feelings and this respect matters. You may contact 9432744429 or for any specific info required regarding options position.

As a beginner, you may try with a capital of 5000 INR (allows you to buy 1 lot only) or 10000INR. Then as you get comfortable, increase the volume according to your choice.

Noiti SMS service

Performance monitor: TGT Plan sms with remarks: 3rd May 2012
Remarks: PE call was given at incorrect time. CE calls reached first target and then hit stop-loss. Overall performance could have been better. #nifty #options #noiti

Message:[NOITI][INFO]Resistance levels: PE5100-51, PE5200-83, PE5300-128, CE5100-196, CE5200-130, CE5300-78.
Date Time:5/3/2012 9:06
Message:[NOITI][TGT] Buy PE5200 at 95 TGT 115 SL 87.
Date Time:5/3/2012 10:28
Message:[NOITI][INFO] Due to technical issues, data feed is delayed and followup calls will be delayed. Market has opened with gap down. Trades are likely to be within narrow range, Whipsaws may occur. Maintain SL.
Date Time:5/3/2012 10:38
Message:[NOITI][TGT] Previous PE5200 is cancelled. Price went above entry criteria. If you have open position in PE5200 place SL at 95.
Date Time:5/3/2012 10:58
Message:[NOITI][INFO] Please note entry criteria before placing an order. AT implies at the price mentioned. ABOVE implies above the price mentioned.
Date Time:5/3/2012 11:04
Message:[NOITI][TGT]If PE5200 is open. Sell above 100.
Date Time:5/3/2012 11:54
Message:[NOITI][TGT] Buy CE5200 BETWEEN 109-112 TGT 120/125 SL 103.
Date Time:5/3/2012 11:58
Message:[NOITI][TGT] Buy CE5300 BETWEEN 65-63.75 TGT 69/72 SL 56.5.
Date Time:5/3/2012 12:11
Message:[NOITI][TGT] Book profits or partial profits according to your volume.
Date Time:5/3/2012 12:52
Message:[NOITI] Buy CE5200 BETWEEN 112-110 TGT 120/125 SL 103. Buy CE5300 BETWEEN 65-64 TGT 70/75 SL 63.5.
Date Time:5/3/2012 13:14
Message:Buy CE5200 BETWEEN 114-110 TGT 120/125 SL 103. Buy CE5300 BETWEEN 66-64 TGT 70/75 SL 63.
Date Time:5/3/2012 13:59
Message:[NOITI][TGT]Buy CE5200 BETWEEN 114-110 TGT 120/125 SL 103. Buy CE5300 BETWEEN 66-64 TGT 70/75 SL 63.
Date Time:5/3/2012 14:01
Message:[NOITI][TGT] CE5200 has a support at 97. CE5300 has support at 57.
Date Time:5/3/2012 14:51
Message:Close CE positions. Avoid carry forward to next session.
Date Time:5/3/2012 17:23

Performance monitor: TGT Plan sms with remarks: 2nd May 2012
Remarks: All targets were achieved. It took long time to achieve third target.

Messages sent today.

Message:[NOITI][INFO]Support levels: CE100-190, CE5200-126, CE5300-86 ; Resistance levels: PE5100-58, PE5200-91, PE5300-138.
Date Time:5/2/2012 9:10
Message:[NOITI][TGT] BUY PE5300 between 107-104 TGT 118/126/130 SL 99. BUY PE5200 between 68-65 TGT 76. Maintain tight SL.
Date Time:5/2/2012 10:05
Message:[NOITI][TGT] BUY PE5300 between 107-104 TGT 117/125/129 SL 99. BUY PE5200 between 68-65 TGT 76 SL 60. Maintain tight SL.
Date Time:5/2/2012 10:29
Message:[NOITI][TGT] If PE5300 SL triggered, buy and hold with lower SL at 98 TGT remain 118/126/130. PE5200 stayed above SL during recent dip in PE prices.
Date Time:5/2/2012 10:55
Message:[NOITI][TGT] For PE5300 raise SL to 102.
Date Time:5/2/2012 12:07
Message:[NOITI][TGT]PE5300 : Book partial profits above 112.
Date Time:5/2/2012 12:10
Message:[NOITI][TGT]PE5200 : Book partial profits above 71.8.
Date Time:5/2/2012 12:11
Message:[NOITI][TGT]PE5200 : Book partial profits above 71.0.
Date Time:5/2/2012 12:12
Message:[NOITI] PE5300: Book partial profits and reduce volume.
Date Time:5/2/2012 12:33
Message:[NOITI][TGT] PE5300: Raise SL to 103.5. Buy, in less volumes, between 105-108 TGT 119 SL 103.5.
Date Time:5/2/2012 12:45
Message:[NOITI][TGT] PE5200: Hold position. Raise SL to 65.
Date Time:5/2/2012 12:51
Message:[NOITI][TGT]PE5300: Buy 115 TGT 119 SL 106.
Date Time:5/2/2012 13:10
Message:[NOITI][TGT]PE5300: Raise SL to 108.
Date Time:5/2/2012 13:37
Message:[NOITI][TGT]PE5200: Book profits and re-enter at lower prices.
Date Time:5/2/2012 13:30
Message:[NOITI][TGT]PE is showing strength. PE5300 TGT is 130. PE5200 TGT is 82. PE5300 SL is 108.5. PE5200 SL is 62.75. Use with current prices to enter.
Date Time:5/2/2012 13:45
Message:[NOITI][TGT]PE is showing strength and has come long way. Lower PE5300 TGT to 125. Lower PE5200 TGT is 80. Use current prices to enter.
Date Time:5/2/2012 13:53
Message:[NOITI][TGT]PE5300 SL 109. PE5200 SL 69.5.
Date Time:5/2/2012 14:16
Message:[NOITI][TGT]PE5300 SL 110. PE5200 SL 69.75.
Date Time:5/2/2012 14:39
Message:[NOITI][TGT]Exit PE positions. Avoid carry forward to next session.
Date Time:5/2/2012 14:57
Message:[NOITI][TGT]There was a mistake and hurried closure of positions recommended. Apologize for error. Hope traders were able to book some profits.
Date Time:5/2/2012 15:16

On an average basis, Noiti TGT plan provides you with 7-10% increase in capital in span of 5 trading sessions. With 20 sessions per month, you can look forward to  28-40% increase in capital, as average benchmark. Every trader has personal events governing from time to time and so the final results are likely to vary.

Below you find links to sms  sent every session since this service was opened for subscription. You also find charts that are used in back-end.

Note added on 18th May 2012: Most of Noiti material is transferred to

Free material is located at :

30th April 2012
2nd May 2012
3rd May 2012
7th May 2012

Noiti SMS Service

Message ## Time

[NOITI]Support levels: CE5100-182, CE5200-123.8, PE5300-72 ; Resistance levels: PE5100-66, PE5200-102, PE5300-151. ## 4/30/2012 9:05
[NOITI][TGT]BUY CE5200 142-140 TGT 147-148 SL 135. Maintain low volume. MKT has not gained strength for strong CE UT. Maintain tight SL. ## 4/30/2012 9:56
[NOITI][TGT]BUY CE5200 142-140 TGT 147-148 SL 134.25. Maintain low volume. MKT has not gained strength for strong CE UT. Maintain tight SL. ## 4/30/2012 10:04
[NOITI][TGT]BUY CE5300 85 TGT 92 SL 81. Maintain low volume. MKT has not gained strength for strong CE UT. Maintain tight SL. ## 4/30/2012 10:13
[NOITI][TGT]MKT has not gained strength for strong CE UT. Maintain tight SL for all positions. ## 4/30/2012 10:25
[NOITI][TGT]Book profits in open positions. ## 4/30/2012 10:36
[NOITI][TGT]With every UT in CE book profits. There is good resistance at upper levels. ## 4/30/2012 10:38
[NOITI][INFO]Support levels: CE5100-209, CE5200-141, CE5300-86# ## 4/30/2012 10:42
[NOITI][TGT]Raise SL for CE5200 open position to 139.5# ## 4/30/2012 10:48
[NOITI][TGT]Raise SL for CE5300 open position to 84# ## 4/30/2012 10:50
[NOITI][TGT]With every raise in CE price book profits. There is good resistance at upper levels. ## 4/30/2012 10:56
[NOITI][TGT]CE5200 should move above 150 to indicate strength. CE5300 should move above 94 to indicate strength. Book profits/close CE position. ## 4/30/2012 11:13
[NOITI][TGT]Place TRIGGER BUY PE5300 @. 124. This is in anticipation of trend change. ## 4/30/2012 11:22
[NOITI][INFO]Watch PE5300. Seems to be gaining strength has a resistance at 120. Maintain a trigger buy above 124. ## 4/30/2012 12:30
[NOITI][TGT]PE5300 BUY triggered @124. If open position, SL 115 TGT135-140. ## 4/30/2012 13:13
[NOITI][TGT]If more than one lot is open in PE5300 book partial profits at 130. ## 4/30/2012 14:18
[NOITI][INFO]Close PE positions. Avoid carry forward to next session. ## 4/30/2012 14:58

CE5100 profit was booked and then CE5100 triggered SL.
PE5300 reached 132 and corrected. Traders were informed to book profit at 130 in follow through sms. PE5300 stayed above SL during end session.

Sine wave, that’s exactly how I moved around trading on stocks. Initially, after good number of quicksand type trades, I began to read online material. Every material I read, seemed good but then there was something missing somethings unsaid.

[More info to add]


Around 2001 November, I resigned from my employment, a flourishing global adventure in coordinating web-service products.

That was a time when I came to ask what next? Though I didn’t notice/understand then, “What next” has been a companion leading me to jump off the cliff(cancel cancel), whenever I reach a stage of satisfaction in ongoing project.
Prior to 2001, it was 1997 when I met with a road accident that filled by skull with blood and blurred my cognitive abilities(cancel cancel). And Dec-2001 was a time when it seemed that I was stuck in the (metaphoric) narrow pipe and the pipe got narrower(cancel cancel) with every passing day.

As I look back I see that one essential functionality of human life was taught with huge distortion during younger days. More so, this distortion existed across the nation (and continues to exist in major parts, as on date).

Back to the subject. So, Dec 2001 on I began to get aware of of a world that I had completely neglected. That is my personal life. I began to reluctantly handle day-to-day activities as, the activities I was familiar with were gone for good.

As I reluctantly got introduced to the essential functionality missing in my life, thoughts came to my mind about what could possibly be my “What next” answer.

Eventually I accepted one “What next” action item. Trade in stock market to get the time and money that I can use to start my company technology domain.

Opening a trading account was pretty easy. Select the most heard of brokerage firm and talk to the professionals of the firm and they oblige with least effort from my side. Cool!!

My account was opened and I began to trade. My trading style, then was, simply buy at whatever was the price. If there is a rise of 5-10-15-20 INR, then sell. If price doesn’t rise, then wait, some day its gonna rise isn’t it?

Guess what?? I felt very successful. I got X INR profit and so on. (Details aside)Few days later I saw that my capital was actually reducing though I was getting profits in trading. How come?

I checked the details and found that my brokerage was higher than the profit I was getting. So I was getting money out from the stock market and gifting it to my broker. Guess what? I was also carrying the gift to my broker’s house for free and returning to my place without even a tip.

Guess what? I wasn’t looking at the leaflet that my broker was giving me every day. It was landing in my mail and didn’t even bother to see what it was.

(Details aside) One day, I decided to see what this leaflet was. At that time, I was frustrated that I was able to get more only that much money which can be gifted to the stock market broker and no more. In that frustrated mood, I looked at the e-leaflet the broker used to send daily. I noted recommendations from the broker. Buy this at this price and this is the resistance and this is the support and this is the stop-loss.

I wondered WTF!!!

New energy entered in me and I became more enthusiastic to trade. I traded based on what was in that e-leaflet. Sometimes I made more money than the brokerage and sometimes I made less.

Now, I will mention about a parallel world that existed and how it effected me.

As I was new to this trading world, I was very much engaged in try to understand what is going on and how I can get more money than the brokerage I have to pay. At the same time, there was a physical world around me that wanted me to do what it felt was right for me to do. And this parallel world constantly diverted my attention at times when I should be focusing more on the trading front.

(Details aside) I constantly became proverbial Humpty-Dumpty.

Fast forward, I began developing my software that can tell me what I should be doing. And this development of software led me various situations and understand the physical world and history more.

I became aware of the profit margin I should have during my trades and slowly got over my insecurities and continued to polish the trading style.

Note: I have used “(cancel cancel)” to flush out any negative essence that might exist/arise.

Sine wave

NOITI SMS service

Amitabh Choudhury

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